Not By Chance

Fourteen Unsolved Murders Over Twenty Years, All With the Same Strange Circumstances

Beginning around 1996, there have been a series of murders—sometimes called the Smiley Face Murders for their vague association with a smiley face scrawled on a nearby wall—which share similar strange circumstances. The victims, all men, were last reported seen in a bar or other social situation. They disappeared for days or weeks. Then they were found in waterways in unnatural positions with lividity that did not match the coroner’s cause of death, and nearly all had traces of the date rape drug GHB in their systems. Many were declared accidents. Most could not have been.

What happened to these men? Where had they been for days or weeks? How did they get the unexplainable injuries that were common across these cases? Was this the work of one killer or several? Why has no one been charged in any of these crimes?

Not By Chance studies fourteen of the most perplexing cases in this series of murders. It looks at the evidence, the circumstances, the victims, and considers the possible perpetrators. While still unsolved, there is one thing we know that ties them all together. These were not accidents.


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