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Brandon Lawson’s 9-1-1 Call

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Brandon Lawson, a man in his twenties with four children and a long-term girlfriend stormed out of him home in Texas on August 9, 2013 at 11:53pm after a fight with his girlfriend. Once he left the house he drove off and although he was heard from multiple times that night he was never seen again. The only thing found from him the next day was his truck parked in an odd way on highway 277.

At 12:38am on August 10, 2013 Brandon called his brother telling him that he ran out of gas and asking him to bring him some on the highway.

At 12:54am on August 10, 2013 Brandon called 911 and the operator has a hard time understanding what he is saying. This is where a lot of the theories and controversies come from. Everyone has their own idea of what was said during that 911 call and what it could’ve meant.

911 Call Transcripts 

Before I put in the transcripts I would like you to listen to it and see what you hear before anything is put in your mind. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/_FXg-zxS1lE

One version of a transcript is by reallifeishorror.blogspot.com and says this:

“Hey I’m in the middle of a field, a (cypher?) just pushed some guys over”

“Right here going towards Averlene on both sides”

“My truck ran out of gas, there’s one car here – got chased (taken?) to the woods”

“Please hurry”

“ ‘Cause when I was talkin’to ‘em, I suddenly ran into ‘em”

(The operator then says “Oh you ran into them okay”)

“Got (Shot? / just?) the first guy”

The operator then asks if Brandon needs an ambulance, to which he replies “ye-no, I need the cops”

Another version of the transcript brought to light on reddit by u/jail4clinton says this:

O: 911 Emergency

 B: Yes, I’m in the middle of a field with (Ted?) we just pushed some guys over. We’re out here going toward Abilene on both sides. My truck ran out of gas. There’s one car here, there’s guys chasing me through the woods. Please hurry!

O: OK now, run that by me one more

B: K, we’re not talkin’ to them… I accidentally ran into em…

O: Ah, you ran into em, OK

B: Shot the first guy…

O: Do you need an ambulance?

B: Ya, no, I need the cops.

O: OK, is anybody hurt? Hello… Hello… Hello?

One more version of the call from ColdCaseWriter.com is as follows:

Dispatcher: 911 Emergency.

Brandon: Yes I’m in the middle of a field with (unintelligible). Right here goin’ towards Abiline on both sides. My truck ran out of gas. There’s one car here, a guy chasin’ me, through the woods. Please hurry.

Dispatcher: Okay, now run that by me one more-

Brandon: There’s a guy talking to himI totally ran into him.

Dispatcher: Ah, you ran into him, okay.

[unintelligible background voice(s)]

Brandon: Just the first guy.

Dispatcher: Do you need an ambulance? [background voice talking at the same time, might be saying “Watch out (unintelligible)”]

Background voice: You there.

Brandon: No I need the cops.

Dispatcher: Okay. Is anybody hurt? (pause) Hello? Hello? Hello?

After the talking ends there is a sound of either a car engine or gun shots not too far in the distance and then the line goes dead.


As we can see with all three of these Brandon states that he is in a field and there are other people around him. The first transcript writer hears the word cypher, while the second hears ted, and the third can’t make out a word. It may be safe to assume that he is telling the operator either what he is by or who he is with since both of these scenarios would make sense. We can also assume he says he is going towards Albiline since it is a consensus that people hear when listening to this tape. It then gets a little more confusing because although these three transcript writers hear ‘on both sides’ there are others who hear ‘Bronte side.’ I will let you think about that one because I can not hear one over the other. To me and all the transcripts I have read it is fairly clear that Brandon says his car is out of gas and there are other people there that ended up chasing him at some point. Assuming that is how he ended up in the field.

The next point he says is that someone was talking to someone, maybe he was talking to someone or maybe he saw someone else talking to someone. Either way he was still around other people. He ran into these other people as well. This can be taken a multitude of different ways.

  1. Brandon got in a little car accident with them although there was no damage to the car it could still be thought that these people over reacted and caused Brandon to call the police.

  2. He walked upon police doing something that was unethical. One commenter on reallifeishorror.blogspot.com brought attention to the fact that some small town cops are unethical and maybe Brandon caught them. This seems odd since he was calling 911 and they would just end up sending more of the same cops. However it would explain the people that hear Brandon saying a word that is slang for the rangers. It might also explain why they chased him into the woods, they didn’t want anyone to know what they were doing and it would make it very easy for them to cover up.

  3. This one basically has the same timeline of the one above except instead of police it is criminals doing something along the highway that he stumbles upon. Of course the criminals would not want to be caught so they would want to get rid of Brandon.

  4. A popular theory is that in a drugged up state he wandered onto someone’s property and ran into them. This is taking place in Texas where people tend to be a little more protective of their land and maybe they chased him off. (we will discuss this theory more later on)

Next Brandon either says he ‘got shot by the first guy’, ‘shot the first guy’, or ‘just the first guy.’ Many believe he is saying he got shot since that would explain what happened to him and the sound of gunshots at the end of the call may also be a clue to support that. He could’ve shot someone too and that is why he was being chased but there is no record of Brandon having a gun on him so that seems unlikely.

The operator then asks if he needs an ambulance and it sounds like he says yeah at first and then says ‘no, I need the cops.’ Many have speculated that Brandon’s voice is not the only one in the 911 call. Many think that there is someone near him talking as well and that person is the one who says yes to the ambulance before Brandon speaks. You can see that in ColdCaseWriter.com’s transcript he says there is a background noise that says ‘watch out…’and ‘you there?’ So maybe the first guy who Brandon mentioned was trying to get away from the same people and therefore stayed with Brandon while he was running and calling the police.

The last thing you hear from Brandon’s end of the call is either a car engine or a gun. Your interpretation of this kind of forms the idea of the call. If it is a car engine then he has to still be close to the highway or at least a road and this could give placement of the last place Brandon was. If it is a gun then it could lead towards certain theories and could give an idea of how Brandon died, if he died the body was still never found.

After the Infamous Call

After this call, at 1:10am Brandon’s brother and an officer show up at his unlocked truck, no Brandon in sight. Sometime between the 911 call and his brother showing up Brandon calls his brother’s girlfriend who really can only make out that he is bleeding, then the call ends. If Brandon was bleeding then the gun sound and the being shot makes a lot of sense, so does the incoherent phone calls and him never being found.

Before getting into the theories I need to mention that Brandon did have a warrant out for him as well as having a long criminal history. It is also said he was addicted to drugs at some point but he had been clean for a while. Maybe he relapsed and that was what the fight was about or maybe he went out to meet a dealer and things went wrong.

My Theory

So let’s get into a cohesive theory. I am going to propose my theory first off and then show some theories from others on sleuthing forums.

My theory is that Brandon and his girlfriend were fighting about his drug use which would explain why the girlfriend has never said anything publically about it. When he left he could have been under the influence which would explain the odd parking on the highway and the time it took for him to call his brother after leaving. There was one forum where someone figured out the time it would have taken for Brandon to get from his home to where his car was parked on the highway, it was much less than 45 minutes. The reason this is important is because Brandon called his brother about 45 minutes after leaving his home, so where did all of this extra time go? I think it points to him being under the influence and then loosing track of time himself. After which I believe he took off outside of his car, maybe with the intention of walking back towards the way he came but in his state he wandered off into other people’s land. That is when he went onto the wrong persons land or saw something he wasn’t suppose to and they began to chase him. This is when he got shot and called 911. The drug use mixed with the loss of blood would account for the very undiscernible phone call. I believe that he was the only one talking on the phone and that there was not another voice in the background. I think that the ‘background voice’ was him contradicting himself in his confused state. Then he ended up bleeding out of being found by the people who were after him and they disposed of the body in fear of being caught. Once again, this is just a theory based on what I hear in the 911 call and what I have read over the past few days.

Other Theories 

Now lets look at what some others think happened.

Suggested by N*sd*jj in February of 2018 on reallifeishorror.blogspot.com:

One thing to remember: the road Brandon was traveling–and the time he was traveling it–would’ve meant it was completely empty. It’s an old country road that doesn’t get much traffic in the daytime, let alone in the middle of the night. It’s highly unlikely that he happened upon ANYone doing ANYthing out there unless he planned to meet them there himself. Brandon had a history of drug use and drug dealing. Particularly meth & marijuana. He’s got a lengthy criminal record actually. It’s possible he was involved in a drug deal gone bad while actually high himself. It’s very common for oilfield workers who put in 80-90 hours per week to use stimulants like meth to stay awake, and perhaps that’s exactly what he & Ladessa were arguing about. Maybe HE was the drug dealer and the drug user getting high on his own supply. I imagine that the frantic, nonsensical sound of the 911 call can be blamed on intoxication, head injury or blood loss–all of which can cause a sort of delirium that make you babble like that. Maybe he had a bit of all 3. We know he was bleeding because he told his brother as much. If it wasn’t a drug deal gone bad, then perhaps his truck just died & he had a freakout in the night while high on meth & imagined he was being attacked. Stranger things have happened.

Suggested by Mitchell Mitchell in March of 2018:

Hi, I lived in Texas for the last 19 years. I am from Northern Virginia area originally. At one point Brandon and Ladessa lived near by my family in Texas. Anyway, I was not friends with them but I am familiar with Texas and back roads at that time of night. While this might seem like a back road and a back road that most people would not consider busy, it gets a fair share of traffic. Even on a Thursday night/Friday morning. it is a connector road that does have travelers often. The thing people are missing and I know from experience is Texas is far from perfect in small towns. Small town law enforcement in Texas is very questionable sometimes. They do things that you can never image and no one believes until they have dealt with it. I honestly think due to the time line, that he and Ladessa had a fight and he left angry. If memory serves, fights would happen he would peel out and make a scene and then go back to make up shortly and everything was fine. From my understanding it was not far from their house to where the truck was found but nearly 45 minutes had passed before he called his brother out of gas. Why did it take him so long to call when he wasn’t 45 minutes away? I personally think he was either going to meet someone for something illegal or he came up on a situation, because it isn’t that unreasonable knowing Texas first hand that drug people from Mexico will meet on roads to make exchanges in transporting drugs. Usually in these smaller towns where law enforcement isn’t monitoring the area the best especially at nearly 1 am. Some law enforcement may not be fully ethical either. I agree with the writer that is could be on the “Bronte” side opposed to both sides. I do feel that makes sense. It sounds like distant gun shots that get closer at the end. What truly bothers me in this is that no one is looking at the local ranchers. the local landowners and sheriff don’t want searches done on private land. Texas tends to be a shoot first place especially in small towns. If they have nothing to hide they should allow professional searches. I almost think he ran into one of these ranchers (perhaps Brandon was under the influence) and he disturbed a rancher or something. Texans also think land that is public is theirs too and they are weird about it if he pulled over and one felt it was too close to their property line for example. I think perhaps there was some kind of road altercation or disorientation of Brandon and he ran onto someones land who began shooting at him for trespassing. I think he got shot on the land and the sheriff is friends with the rancher and they are covering up. Blanket statements that local ranchers won’t allow searches when someone’s missing suggests to me that someone is hiding something. To avoid a lawsuit, whatever it is being covered up. Maybe the sheriff doesn’t even know. But it is entirely possible a rancher did it and refusing searches because it would reveal the truth. Texans are strange about their land and in small towns. If someone was missing and I could help I would search my property or allow police to search. Of course drug deals, coming up on something bad, a lot of conspiracy things etc, could be true as well. Maybe even a combo of things. I just think the whole rancher thing is being completely missed.

Suggested by Unknown in July of 2018, they have found interesting pieces of information concerning Brandon’s long time Girlfriend that night.:

-Brandon left his home after a fight w/his GF (they were NOT married) & was heading to his dad’s house 3hrs away (near Ft.Worth I believe)! Ladessa has NEVER publicly said EXACTLY what they were fighting about.I don’t know bout you but I’m NOT driving 3hrs away for sum lil tiff! What was the fight about? I ask because this could help w/Brandon’s state of mind @ the beginning of this nightmare! -Again,according to Ladessa, Brandon took the ONLY house charger for the phones. That is why she had hers charging in the van.You mean to tell me that in a house w/4 children & 2 adults..there was ONLY 1 charger? No USB cables? If this is true, how did they charge their phones when they were both in the home? On a rotating schedule? LOL -Brandon’s brother, Kyle, called Ladessa to get a gas can.She states she’ll leave it on the porch cuz she’s going to bed. Huh? You’ve just been told the “love of your life & father of your kids” has run outta gas & you’re going to bed? W/out ur phone (because its charging in the van)? -The 9-11 call is NOT the last time Brandon is heard from.He spoke to Kyle’s GF AFTER he made the call & left countless voicemails on Ladessa’s phone (which she has NEVER released)! Kyle told Brandon there was a State Trooper @ his truck (because he knew about Brandon’s warrant). Also, Kyle’s GF said that she got a garbled call from Brandon & all she could make out was he was bleeding. -I’ve noticed A LOT of people claim that Brandon uses some mixture or slang for “State Trooper” in the 9-11 call. My thoughts? WHY would you tell the operator that you needed the cops..if the cops were the 1s chasing you??? To me, that’s like asking for more muggers while you’re being mugged!! IMO, there’s A LOT of things we still don’t know about Brandon’s disappearance! But what I do know is this..the cops aren’t the only shady as F*** people in this case! Look closer to home & see where it ALL began! Ladessa points an accusing finger @ the cops while witholding information! Kyle is no better! I just don’t trust the “stories” outta those 2! What’s my theory you might ask? Brandon left the house after a HEATED argument w/Ladessa. He thought he could make it to a gas station before he ran outta gas! Whoops! WRONG! As he was ����towards the rest area (or skipping it & heading to gas station) he came across some SHADY she*t! And not cops!! Just ur average, run of the mill bad dudes! They saw him & gave chase! Maybe they were disposing of a body. Maybe they were shaking some1 down 4 $$. Who knows. They caught him, beat him to death & then disposed of him (either in the river or @ another location near by).

I think that all three of these have points that can tie in together but take from them what you will. I believe that this mysterious disappearance could be solved one day by interviewing many more people. I believe there was a lot of people who were not looked into enough during this investigation. Anyways, that is all I have for this post…if you would like to provide information or learn more about this case visit www.missingbrandonlawson.com.

Let me know any other cases you would like me to look at and leave your thoughts in the comments!

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