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Could D'Andre Lane be Innocent?

D'Andre Lane called authorities in December of 2011 and reported his car carjacked with his 2-year-old daughter inside. From the beginning the police looked at D'Andre as a suspect, eventually convicting him of his daughter's murder. However, there has never been a body or a motive found in this case.

On the left is D'Andre Lane, 32 at the time of his daughter's disappearance and 41 now. On the right is Bianca Jones who was 2 at the time of her disappearance. She would be 11 if she is still alive today.

In Detroit's north end neighborhood on December 3 of 2011 D'Andre was driving with his daughter to her mother, Banika Jones, home. They were headed there because Bianka needed more clothing in order to stay with her father temporarily. When pulled over to check something on his car a car pulls up behind him. Here is what D'Andre Lane said to Crime Watch Daily: "I pulled over to the side to get out and check and see what was going on with the car," said D'Andre. "The car that blew the horn at me stopped behind me and a black male, got out, brandished a firearm and told me to get the f--- away from the car. I just remember pleading and asking with him to let me get my daughter out of the car. 'Let me get my baby out of the car."

It seems that D'Andre and Bianca had been not far from her mother's home because after the carjacking he ends up at Banika's home. Many believe that because D'Andre did not call 911 right after the carjacking he seems more guilty, but no one can conclusively say that. D'Andre may have not had his phone on him. On top of that, there is no doubt that panic would set in after your daughter is taken.

When he arrived at Banika's home she was not there but her mother, brother, and sister-in-law were. They began trying to figure out what was going on but D'Andre was in hysterics but got out that Bianca had been taken during a carjacking. Eventually, the sister-in-law called 911 and tried to hand the phone to D'Andre so he could relate the story to them.

Searches started right away and less than an hour after the 911 call D'Andre's car was found...but Bianca was not inside. Searches continued around the area to hopefully find Bianca somewhere safe, but to this day she has never been found.

Investigators state that right from when they found the empty car they began to look at D'Andre in a different way. They stated that his story just didn't add up. D'Andre had a criminal record dating back to 18 for drugs and firearm charges but it seems very little to none in terms of violent offenses. The police were convinced that D'Andre was a terrible father to all of his 7 children but no one ever came forward with evidence pointing to this at all. In actuality, the mothers of his children and his children themselves came forward and stated what a great father he was. His oldest son stated that his father always put them before himself.

Nevertheless, investigators started to form a theory that Bianca wet the bed the night before and D'Andre beat her to death because of it. D'Andre was known to give time outs or spankings sometimes but many parents do it, it does not point to murder. He even admitted that while yes he did spank Bianca for wetting the let the night before he did not kill her or hurt her. A nephew, who was 15, was staying with D'Andre and Bianca that night and saw what prosecutors called child abuse. He stated that D'Andre was just playing around and that it was in no way physical abuse.

The dailymail.co.uk stated this about the police's theory, "Prosecutors said Lane beat his daughter to death using a stick wrapped in a towel, wrapped her body in a blanket, strapped her into her car seat and then disposed of her corpse the following morning before reporting the abduction."

The same nephew from before stated that he knew, for a fact, Bianca was alive the morning of the carjacking. He saw her get her coat on and sat in the same car with her.

When the trial started a cadaver dog handler testified. They stated that their dogs had signaled to traces of decomposition in D'Andre's car. This could mean that he killed his daughter and put her in the car...or it could mean that the carjacking was real and those suspects did something to his daughter in his car. Or the dogs could even be wrong, there is no report of these specific dogs track records so it is almost impossible to tell. There was never any blood found on the stick police claim he used to kill Bianca or in D'Andre's car.

It was also brought up that D'Andre had failed a polygraph test, but his lawyer stated that it was administered wrong. Also, there is always the point that polygraph tests are not a science, there are ways to fail when you are truthful and vice versa. I do not put a lot on polygraph tests.

The court also hears testimony from a Detroit police officer. She stated that she had gone to a home one day, right after Bianca went missing, to investigate a disturbance. While she was in that house a baby came out of a room and she thought nothing of it at the time. Two days later she saw a picture of Bianca and knew that was the girl she had seen that day. There are other reports of witnesses seeing Bianca weeks after police say D'Andre killed her.

Bianca's body has never been found and there is a possibility that she could still be alive today. Since she was only 2 at the time of her disappearance she may not even know who she actually is, she could not even know she was kidnapped. No matter what your opinion on D'Andre's guilt of innocence is we can all only hope that she is alive and safe somewhere and will come home one day.

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