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Day 10: Disappearance of Korrina Sagers and Annette Sagers (Part 1)

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

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The woman above is not Annette Sager, but her mother, Korrina Sagers. In order to understand the disappearance of Annette Sagers you must first look into the disappearance of Korrina Sagers. Many theories have these cases connected in many ways.

Korrina Sagers was married to Steven Malinoski. During that marriage they had two male children. Korrina’s daughter Annette was from a different relationship from high school. It seems, from some reports, that the marriage was not a great one. They fought quite a lot and they were sometimes violent. The violence being mostly on Steve’s part. It seems that  he was not new to this way of relationships either with Korrina being his third wife.

Looking a bit more into Steve’s past marriage we can see a patern of lying. His first wife and daughter are deceased, he claims they died in a house fire but supposedly that is not the truth. The second marriage ended in legal divorce but there really isn’t a record of this. Although it does seem like a plausible case. And after Anette and Korrina went missing he married again and is still married. Three children came out of this marriage and one is already out of high school.

Korrina Sagers went missing on November 20, 1987 from Mount Holly, South Carolina. She is still considered endangered missing due to who she was as a mother, it seems she would not just disappear. At the time of her disappearance she was 26 years old with brown hair and brown eyes.

The last known sighting of Korinna was on the night of November 20th. It states she was driving out of Mount Holly Plantation towards Highway 52 between 11 and 11:30p.m. When Korinna did not show up  to work at the job she had for 6 months at this time, her boss went out to search for her. They found her car parked at the Plantation where Steve was the caretaker. The family lived here surrounded by 6,000 acres of land.

There has never been a word from Korrina since that night. No Sightings, no calls, no bodies, nothing in her case has turned up.

Theory 1

This is the theory that the majority of people believe. This theory states that the violence in the relationship hit a head, most likely in an argument, and Steve killed Korrina. Due from his past, his attitude, and reports of his anger these seems like a very plausible situation. It seems that since Korinna’s car ended up at the plantation she did not leave on her own accord. If she had left on her own accord then it seems she would’ve kept her car and brought her children away from a violent man.

Theory 2

This theory is the opposite of the first one almost. This theory states that Korrina did leave on her own free will. She might’ve had it with Steve and his ways and decided the best thing was for her to leave. She may have left her children in order to go and get a job and establish a home somewhere before coming back to get them. Maybe Steve was not violent towards the children and so she felt okay leaving them there. This theory would also explain one of the oddities in Annette’s case, but we will cover that tomorrow.

If you know anything about Korrina’s disappearance please contact the Mount Holly Police Department at (609)267-0171.

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