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Day 3: The Murders of Matt Macerato & Jessica Watson

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

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On the left we have Matt Macerato, 18, and on the right we have Jessica Watson, 22.

Before we jump into what little information there is in the case I wanted to say something. I searched all over for this case after I found a reddit comment on it but I was only able to find 3 artcles on it and some comments. This is the most unknown unsolved case I have ever looked into and I think it needs an insane amount of attention due to most people not knowing about it. Please share this or things about this case and maybe someone will know something along the way.

These murders happened on December 26, 2004 in the basement of a clothing store along Kirkwood highway in Wilmington, Deleware. Both Matt and Jessica were employees at the mens clothing store and had been working there for a while before the crime. This particular night they were closing up without a manager. From reports it seems that the manager had to leave for something right before the crime happened and it is unclear what time he came back but we will get into that part later.

These two were closing the store which is a normal routine for anyone that works in retail, but this night someone decided to rob them. From evidence found within the store police found that someone came in and robbed the store first, taking some money from them. Then before they left they shot both Matt and Jessica dead, execution style.

Exectution style means that the victims were shot either one or multiple times at a very close range. Not necessarily that they are kneeling and shot in the back of the head like many assume.

The families of both Jessica and Matt believe that robbery was not the sole motive and I am inclined to agree with them. When the robber came in, both of them were up front cleaning and counting down registers. So the family wants to know why didn’t the perpatrutor jsut shoot them there? Instead he took them to the basement and shot them at close range.

There has always been some suspicion surrounding this case due to the circumstances and the complete lack of evidence. Survellience video was not available, there was no forensic evidence of the killer, even FBI profilers couldn’t figure this case out. Every piece of evidence that could be found was and each piece was sent out to gain as much information as possible. Sadly, nothing came from any of these efforts.

Police believe there is possibly one person who has not been cleared in this case but have not revealed the name. This is someone who’s name has come up multiple times but that is all they have said.

Theory 1

It was planned and the manager had something to do with it. As I stated above the manager had to step out directly before the ‘robbery’ took place. The reason he had to step out wasn’t really ever stated, at least not in the few articles I was able to find. However, aparently he stated that he left and came back fairly quickly but there was police tape and police everywhere.

From some comments I believe that the woman babysitting Jessica’s child was the one who found Matt and Jessica after hours of not being able to get ahold of Jessica. If this report is true and it was hours then the manager was obviously not gone for a short time like his story says.

I am not too sure what to gather on this theory other than the reports do not add up at all.

Theory 2

These murders were planned but the manager was not involved. Just from the way they died and where they died it seems as if these murders were planned. Like I stated above it does not make sense that the killer would bring them to the basement to kill them. Also, murder is a huge jump from robbery. Most robbers would not make that jump in their right mind and these robber(s) had no reason to kill Matt and Jessica. There was no security footage or anything so it seems the case would’ve gone no where.

The only question that leaves us with is why would someone want to murder these two?

Theory 3

It was a robbery that went very wrong. This is the official theory of police since there was money taken from the scene. This could’ve been an attempt at a cover up but the police do not believe so.

The main and pretty much only reason this theory doesn’t make sense to me is because of where and how they were shot. If the robber(s) came in and wanted to kill these two innocent people then why not do it before taking money and why bring them downstairs. Also why shoot them so much? It just doesn’t make sense.

Like I said at the begining, this case has very few details and seems fairly unknown. There isn’t anything else I can find to inform you on so that brings us to the end of this post. If you know anything at all about this case please call the number below or send an email. The families deserve closure and have been waiting on it for a very long time.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our fourth day of #31daysof crime, twitter and podcast links are at the top of the page. Stay safe!

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