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Day 7: Unknown John Does

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

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Yes, I know that all John Doe’s are unknown, that is the point of the names John and Jane Doe. However, I mean John Doe’s that have not gotten the attention from the public that they need to be solved. There are thousands and I cannot possibly cover them all but I thought we should devote at least one episode to little known John Doe’s. If you like this I will do one on Jane Doe’s as well, let me know.

John Doe of Sacramento, California.

To me this seems like a memorable face. I say that mostly due to the facial hair in a unique fashion, as well as the hat being a unique fashion (if that is what he was wearing). His body was found sitting in the bleachers of a sport field in January of 1980. His cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the head. His body had many stretch marks causing police to question if he had been obese at one point in his life. His hand also had scars upon it that looked to be skin graphs. If you know this man at all or have seen him at all please contact the FBI through your local FBI office.

John Doe of Buckeye, Arizona

This John Doe’s nose is fairly unique due to the beak like shape. There is not much information on this John Doe for some reason. Police believe that his death date was sometime in June or July of 1993. His body was found by construction workers on I-10 at mile post 105.5. At this time he was wearing a white shirt with ‘Newport’ in green. He had blue jeans in the size 16 long, and jockey underwear and socks that were both white. The odd thing about this was he was carrying two extra pairs of socks. One white pair in his front left pants pocket and a pair of black in his left back pocket. If you recognize this sketch or something about the story then please contact your local FBI office.

John Doe of York, Pennsylvania

In November of 2013 this John Doe’s body was found in the woods outside of York, Pennsylvania. His skeletal remains were found by a tree trimming crew, the police estimated he had been dead for 3-10 years. There was one or more limbs that were not recovered. When they found him he had partially decaying Knocker brand boxers and a black leather jacket. If you recognize this sketch or the circumstances at all go to your local FBI office.

John Doe of Pascagoula, Mississippi

In June of 2001 a man collecting cans discovered a wrapped up dead body at the intersection of Pecan Road and Old Stage Road. The body was wrapped in black plastic sheeting as well as bed linens and carpet. Obviously someone was trying to conceal this dead body. The body inside these wrappings was wrapped with nylons at the shoulder, waist, head, and feet. Cause of death was a blood shot wound to the temple and there was dry blood all over the wrappings. If you recognize this sketch or the story then please go to your local FBI office.

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