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Day 9: Unsolved Murder of Khaled Alchaar

Updated: Apr 18

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Today we are discussing a case that happened in my hometown, the murder of Khaled Alchaar. Before I talk about the case I have a few things to say. As this murder happened my boyfriend, his two younger brothers, and myself were in the car driving back to their house after a dinner. Their house was in a subdivision less than 5 blocks from where this happened. On the way home we decided to take the road that ran right next to the scene. We were not sure what had happened at the time but we must’ve arrived only a minute or two after police because none of the roads were blocked off yet. At the time we thought it was probably a robbery from the restaurant right there but we got a text alert a few minutes later and found out this was not the case.

Secondly, this murder happened less than a week after another shooting in the same area. This first shooting happened at the home next door to my boyfriends parents. It was terrifying to hear that due to the younger children being home alone when that shooting happened. Lucky they were all okay and pretty much untraumatized. But it still shakes the neighborhood to this day. Anyways this shooting was a targeted one from the victims boyfriend. He ended up getting into the house, killing the girl, and then attempting to kill her mother. He was eventually caught and sent to prison.

The reason I am adding this blurb about this case is that it got a very different reaction than Khaled’s case. When this happened the entire community seemingly united and worked together to help out the victims family and prosecute the killer. The entire neighborhood installed pink lights outside, brought food to the family, donated a huge amount of money to them. Also publicity was insane on the case and that is why the killer was caught so quickly. I am not saying any of this to bad mouth or hurt the family, absolutely not. I think what happened in our community was absolutely wonderful. This family needed all the help they could get while dealing with such a loss. My heart goes out to them everyday. This was a senseless killing of a beautiful and kind girl. I would never attack a family due to community reaction. None of this is their fault and I am sure they want justice for everyone who is senselessly murdered.

When the news broke about Khaled’s case there was a small reaction to it. Media focused on it for less than a week and we really haven’t heard any updates since. There was no outpouring of kindness from the community and no intense search for the killer. It was almost like the police and community didn’t care as much about this case, and that is heartbreaking to say the least. As of today there still aren’t solid suspects and really no leads, I am not even sure how much it is being investigated anymore.

Could that be because the community was so shocked from the last murder still? Absolutely! Things like that didn’t readily happen in Kenosha, WI and two in the same week is very traumatic. But by the time that the killer from the first case was caught you would think that focus could switch to catching the killer of this case. I don’t really know how to write out my thoughts on this but it angers me and confuses me. I think that everyone deserves the same sense and reach for justice, but that obviously does not always happen.

I know I have gone over the idea that different races and cultures do not get the same investigation as caucasian people. Even though that might not be the case here it is something that happens a lot still and needs to be remembered. Anyway, lets get into the case.

Khaled Alchaar was a very well known and well liked 19 year old residing in Kenosha, WI. On the night of May 20th he was standing outside of Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen located off of highway 50 which runs straight through town. He was then shot out of no where assumedly. After being shot he called his brother immediately and told him he was wounded.

The brother later stated, “It was a 6 second call saying- I got shot- and he hung up.”

The brother called 911, relayed his brothers message, and then got in his car to go to that location. His brother and brothers wife found the teen in the parking lot seeming to arrive before police or the ambulance did. Since they were there first they tried to stop the bleeding and keep him awake and as aware as possible.

This seeming slow arrival of the ambulance and police later caused anger from the family and friends of Khaled.

The brother stated, “Police showed up. They are looking for the suspect in the bushed. What about the bleeding victim?”

In the days and weeks after the shooting this information came out. It angered everyone because it was reported that although the shooting scene was only a block or two away from two hospitals it took the ambulance longer than normal to get there. The police were also looked at suspiciously due to arriving later than many thought they should and also not helping the victim at all.

I have no idea what the cause for this was but it seemed very odd right away. I am one of the people who immediately thought someone was trying to cover something up right away. In my research that is one of the only reasons police and medical personal would be somewhat neglectful to the victim. Once again maybe it was just shock playing its part in the case and on the detectives.

Khaled was eventually taken to Froedert South in Kenosha, WI and ended up passing away.

The last article I can find about this case is from July 1, 2019. That was three months ago and the killer still has not been caught. Time and time again you all hear me say that public interest and knowledge on the case is what keeps it being investigated. It is also the best and easiest way to find the perpetrator. As soon as public interest falls the case had much more of a possibility of going unsolved.

The media could’ve and should’ve kept doing their part by making some articles about the case to keep it fresh in peoples mind. I believe that this would have caused a larger outrage in our community that this case has not been solved yet. But because that did not happen it seems as if this case has almost been forgotten by most of Kenosha. That is unacceptable.

The last thing I would like to mention is about one of the first suspects. I am not sure if they were a suspect on the police radar but many people who knew Khaled believed this person could be responsible. This suspect was the son of a police officer who happened to be part of the KPD for a long time. As soon as I heard this I thought that KPD investigating this case was a conflict of interest. There had not been mention of this lately but if it is still a possibility than the KPD has a lot of explaining to do.

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