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Day 14: Dyatlov Pass Facts

One of the largest mysteries in Russian history is the incident at Dyatlov pass. Many experienced climbers were found with unexplainable injuries and to this day there are many terrifying theories that surround their deaths.

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dyatlovpass.com is a great resource if you want to dive even deeper than I did into this case.

Igor Dyatlov was the leader of the group that was involved in this incident, and thus he has gone down into history. He was born in January of 1936 in the USSR. He was a student, at the time of his death but was also a very talented engineer as well. He was known for assembling well working radios for the time that they were made of.

He started doing climbs with UPI, a school that he was later a student of, just after finishing seventh grade. From there he just kept getting better at climbing and taking others on climbs. He was known for his very friendly personality and being in great shape, probably due to his avid climbing. He had been an avid climber for over 8 years at the time of the incident

His life was cut very short as he died at the young age of 23. He was buried on March10, 1959. Here is his autopsy: https://dyatlovpass.com/case-files-120-126?rbid=17743

There were three men with the name Yuri on the trip, the first was Yuri DOROSHENKO, we will call him Yuri D. He was born in January of 1938. At the time of the incident he was in his senior year at UPI pursuing a radio engineering degree. He was know as impulsive but kind to those he knew and especially those close to him. His most famous story is when a bear came close to camp and he ran at it with a hammer. He scared it off without thinking twice.

He was also in a relationship with Zina K, another member of the incident trip. However, by the time of this trip they were no longer together. Here is his autopsy: https://dyatlovpass.com/case-files-104-111?rbid=17743

Yuri KRIVONISCHENKO, we will call him Yuri K, was the second Yuri on the trip. He was born in February of 1935. Yuri K was said to be a very close friend of Dyatlov, they had done many climbs together. Yuri K’s childhood was very good, his parents were very influential in the area and very well educated. Yuri had graduated from UPI in 1957 with a degree in construction and hydraulics.

He was part of another important incident in Russian history called the Kyshtym disaster. This was in September of 1957 where there was a plutonium plant leak and Yuri K was one of the men sent to clean it up.

He was known as a big jokester. He often entertained all individuals on the climbs. On January 24 when they got into a quite town before their hike started Yuri K began to sing loudly and got detained by police. Apparently they stated it was illegal to sing in public here although there was no record of that and the rest in the group found it quite entertaining. Yuri K was a very happy and fun young man, up till the time of his death. Here is his autopsy: https://dyatlovpass.com/case-files-112-119?rbid=17743

The last Yuri was Yuri YUDIN, we will call him Yuri Y. He was actually the only survivor of the Dyatlov Pass incident this was due to leaving before the February 2nd incident. Yuri Y got sick and left the group before their fateful day. He later passed away in April 2013. At that time it was found that he had held onto a small teddy bear given to him by Lyudmila Dubinina, another member of the climbing group.

We will talk more about Yuri Y later when we get into the theories. He had presented his own ideas on all of the evidence.

Lydumila DUBININA, we will call her Lyuda, was born in May of 1938. Her family moved from a very small town with no work to a larger city to better their life when she was very young. At 17 Lyuda was getting into the Civil Engineering department at UPI, three years later she graduated with her degree.

She was the youngest in the group that was in the Dyatlov Pass incident. However, she had an extensive history of climbing, having done multiple expeditions before. She had even accidently been shot in the leg before and recovered fully. She was buried on her 21st birthday. Here is her autopsy: https://dyatlovpass.com/case-files-355-357?rbid=17743

Aleksander KOLEVATOV, we will call him Alek, was a fourth year student at UPI studying nuclear physics. He was part of a big family with 5 other sisters. He was in very poor health as a child but he seemed to grow out of it. Due to his father being in a very high position he never went to traditional school but his older sister taught him, she later became a very historically famous teacher.

He worked very well with a team which made expeditions easy for him. Besides expeditions he was very active in the university social life. He only had four years of hiking experience at the time of the incident but he was not unexperienced. He died at the age of 24 and was buried in May of 1959. Here is his autopsy: https://dyatlovpass.com/case-files-345-348?rbid=17743

Zinaida KOLMOGOROVA, we will call her Zina was both in January of 1937. At the time of the incident she was in her fifth year at UPI as a radio engineering major. On a previous climb she had been bitten by a viper and survived. She also refused any help with carrying things since she did not want to burden others. This shown her great and caring nature. She often came up with wonderful ideas in social settings.

She went on many expeditions with Dyatlov and just in general. She had a romantic interest in him as well but nothing seemed to have ever come from it. She died at the age of 22 and was buried in March 1959. Here is her autopsy: https://dyatlovpass.com/case-files-127-134?rbid=17743

Rustem SLOBODIN, we will call him Rustik, was born in January of 1936. He graduated from UPI a year before the incident. He was known to take risks and known as being a star athlete. However, he was very quite and enjoyed playing music a lot as well. He had climbed before, mostly with his father so he was not inexperienced. Him and his father actually did quite a treacherous climb and made it through unharmed.

He died at the age of 23 and was buried with the others in March of 1959. Here is his autopsy: https://dyatlovpass.com/case-files-95-103?rbid=17743

Nikolay THIBEAUX-BRIGNOLLE was born in July of 1935. A year before the incident he graduated with a degree in Civil engineering. He was working as part of a construction deparment when he went on the Dyatlov Pass expedition. He was a very smart individual, receiving great grades throughout his time in school, including college. He was know to be very friendly well also being very energetic.

He was also 23 years old when he died in the Dyatlov Pass incident. He was burined in May of 1959. Here is his autopsy: https://dyatlovpass.com/case-files-352-354?rbid=17743

Semyon ZOLOTARYOV, who we will call Sasha, was born in February of 1921. He was the oldest individual on this trip. He was an instructor at the time of his death as he had finished his degree in physical education in 1950. He was unusual for his time period. He was single with tattoos and supposedly some gold capped teeth. He was ahead of the curve for sure.

He died on his 38th birthday and was buried in May of 1959. Here is his autopsy: https://dyatlovpass.com/case-files-345-348?rbid=17743

Tommorrow there will be a second part to this episode discussing the theories on the case. Join me again for that!

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