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Day 15: Dyatlov Pass Theories

Yesterday I went over all the facts of the Dyatlov Pass Incident so it only made sense to go over the theories today. There are many crazy theories ranging from a Yeti attack to Chemical Warfare testing, however, all of them have some substance to them...

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One main theory that has many sub-theories is that the Russian Government had something to do with the death of these individuals. Whether it be the KGB or another area of special forces many believe that the Dyatlov Pass Victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They could've been attacked by a group of people belonging to the government and scared off where they later passed away. Or these individuals could've killed them.

Another sub-theory under this is that the Russian Government was doing unknown testing in the Dead Mountain area during their trek. Whether it be nuclear testing, bomb testing, or chemical warfare testing there are some things pointing to all of these. The injuries of some of the victims could line up with a bomb. However, no specific cause of death could go along with the idea of chemical warfare as the chemicals would have been out of their systems by the time they were found. This could also explain the need to get out of the tent so quickly that they cut themselves out.

The Yeti theory is mostly represented by a photo that was found on one of the victims cameras. It shown a snow covered landscape that has a person like form in the distance. many believe that because this form is not carrying anything it was not part of the group and instead it was a Yeti following them. I find this very hard to believe. I think that this was someone within their group just falling behind a little.

Along with the theories that have a paranormal aspect is the theory of a UFO encounter. That may sound crazy but we aren't talking about aliens here, we are talking about unidentified Russian rockets. That made it more credible to me right away. Apparently around this time there were sightings of unexplained lights in the sky and it is a possibility that Russia was doing some testing.

To back this up the last picture ever taken on a group members camera was that of an odd reflection and many believe this could've been the UFO. This would explain the individuals need to leave so fast as they were scared. This would also explain why they ran off in different directions. There is also an explanation for the injuries that I discuss in the podcast episode.

Infrasound is another interesting theory that has been proposed as a theory for multiple deaths around the dead mountain. Infrasound is a vibration in the air that is undetectable to the human ear but when exposed to it a few things happen. People can experience extreme dread, insomnia, and illness. When this happens they do not know what it is from due to being able to not detect it. This could explain parts of the case as well.

There is a more powerful type of infrasound that is a type of Vortex. This vortex would work great with the shape of the Dead Mountains. If this happened it would create a very loud and unnerving sound as well as multiple small snow tornados. This sound could've scared the group so much that they hurried to get out of the tent and then became disoriented.

In the podcast episode I discuss many more theories and go in depth on the ones mentioned in these notes. Also, there is a new Patreon exclusive episode up on the Chivruay Pass Incident that has many similarities to the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

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