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Day 2: Gary Sudbrink's Odd Phone Calls

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Imagine you fly halfway across the country to visit your parents and as soon as you get there someone with a robotic voice starts to harass you over the phone. Saying creepy and encoded things that don't make a ton of sense overall. This is exactly what happened to Gary Sudbrink.

Listen Here: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/41212698

Gary Sudbrink was in the air force for many years and that fact comes into play once we arrive at the theory section of this case. Anyways, he lived in Texas by himself and worked often, but he happened to get leave for one weekend and took advantage of it. He did this by flying home to see his parents in New York.

Once he arrived in New York he called a friend to let him know that he was in town. This whole trip had happened so fast that virtually no one knew Gary was coming to New York. However, when he called his friend upon arrival his friend stated that Gary had called yesterday when he had arrived in New York.

This was the first of many odd things that would happen during his trip to New York because Gary had not called the day before and had not arrived in New York the day before either. It seems that someone called his friend pretending to be him but it was unclear why anyone would do this.

Later that same night, after arriving at his parent's house Gary received a phone call. The person on the other line was specifically looking for him. This caller also had a robotic-like voice that is very eerie when listening to it talk.

To hear more about the Gary Sudbrink Case, the Phone Call Recordings, and other podcasters' view on the phone calls listen at the link at the start of this article.

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