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Day 16: Jeffery Epstein

He had a net worth of over $500 Million, which was probably the reason most refused to acknowledge that he was a pedophile. However, when he was finally caught he quickly died while in jail, it was ruled a suicide but there is sufficient reason to believe it was actually a homicide. Yes, I am finally doing an episode on the theories surround Jeffery Epstein’s death.

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Jeffery Epstein has been a very hot topic over the last few months. Up until 2019 he was living on his island and being a pedophile in hiding with a lot of very notable people. Many celebrities and other public people are known to have been to his island and it is recorded on the flight logs. However, some people are trying to excuse the actions of these individuals.

Some people say ‘oh, they probably didn’t know what Epstein was doing on that island.’ But, why wouldn’t they? They were obvious friends to him in some sense so they knew him. If they were invited to his secretive island then why would we assume that they were innocent? It would only make sense that they knew what was going on there if they went and never said anything to incriminate him. I am sure his doings were not that well-hidden on his private island.

We are now a year past his death and nothing has really come of what came to light when he was finally arrested. There are many people who were involved still completely free today which is despicable and frankly a huge injustice by the US government. Since Jeffery Epstein has passed away his girlfriend was taken into custody and somehow, she is still alive although I honestly doubt she will be around or allowed to testify when the time comes. That seems like it would endanger far too many so called important people.

Anyways, I am sure I will have my angry rants throughout the rest of this episode so let’s get into who Jeffery Epstein is. Jeffery Epstein was born on January 20, 1953. It is difficult to find a ton about his childhood online since that is not the part that really matters in the case that was against him.

Epstein started as a math teacher in New York City at Dalton School which was a very elite school in the area. Then when the 1970s came around he decided to change his career path. He went to work at Bear Sterns investment bank.

In 1981, he went on to create Assets Group Inc. which was a consulting firm where he got in contact with many very wealthy clients.

In 1982, he went on to create J. Epstein and Co. In the company, he created he went very niche with his marketing. Rather than trying to appeal to the larger groups that would get him more clients he marketed specifically to those with over a $1 billion net worth. By doing this and keeping his company technically off shore he was able to make a large fortune.

Many people thought he was a billionaire but it is never proven he ever reached that level of wealth. At the time of his death he was worth about $577 million in total. That was his net worth. That means it was his cash value paired up with all of his assets so he could’ve had far less money wise, considering he had an island.

After creating this company, he bought his Palm Beach Mansion that many victims came forward stating they were assaulted in. Nothing would come of it for many years.

It later came out that in 1999 Virginia Roberts was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew. I will mention her case later also but it got thrown out by a judge when it was brought up.

Moving forward to the 2000s Epstein invested millions in many different areas. $57 million went to his former company at Bear Stearns. In March of 2005 Epstein’s criminal history as we know it starts. At this time, a 14-year old girl was Epstein’s first known victim. She was molested at his Palm beach mansion. I say first known victim because this girl was brought by another girl from her school so it is very possible that other girls at this school, at least the one that brought her, were victims first.

In October of 2005 a search warrant was put forth and used to look at Epstein’s home. This helped bring many other victims of his forward. All of them were known to be underage. In May of the next year he was finally charged with these cases. He had multiple counts of unlawful sex acts to a minor. In June, there was only one case that was returned with an indictment of solicitation of prostitution. It is unknown if the other victim’s stories were even really considered.

Due to this so many others in Florida and New York came forward stating that Epstein had sexual assaulted them as well. Because of this the FBI opened a federal investigation into him. It took over a year for Epstein to start working with the U.S. attorney Alexander Acosta for a plea deal. Then it took another entire year, until the summer of 2008 for Epstein to really appear in court. I understand that criminal trials can take a while but the trials against Epstein took far too long. There have been complex murder cases that have taken less time for a trial.

In the summer of 2008 Epstein did plead guilty to one count of solicitation of prostitution and one count of solicitation of prostitution of a minor. This compared to the large group of victims that came forward is nothing. I don’t think that Epstein should’ve been able to do this plea and I think that if he had been forced to face more charges many things would’ve changed. However, he was a powerful man and had many powerful friends so maybe a longer sentence would’ve done nothing once he got out.

From these two counts that he pled guilty to he got 18 months in jail. He served 13 in jail but was granted a work release. This allowed him to travel to an office outside of jail up to six days a week and still run his company. This is a widely-debated topic now. Many of his powerful friends were ones who advocated for him to receive a lenient sentence and many are very suspicious of this. His work release also meant he was picked up by his private driver all of these 6 days a week and went to an office in West Palm Beach. There he could have any visitors he wanted. It is also reported that his cell was left unlocked while in jail and at one point he traveled to palm beach alone for four hours. These are things that no one in jail is allowed to do, work release or not. So, for Epstein to be able to do it shows how powerful he was and also makes many question his plea or his sentence at all.

Epstein’s victims were not aware of the deal he was going to make either and they were very angry when they found out, for obvious reasons.

In July of 2009 Epstein got a five-month early release from jail. It wasn’t until 2011 that he registered as a sex offender. At which point he was a level three sex offender which means a high risk of repeat offence and a threat to public safety. To me it would seem that he should’ve had to register before even getting out of jail if he was a level one, let alone a level three sex offender but apparently, it wasn’t seen as that important as it went over 2 years without registering.

In 2009, he was hit with lawsuits from every one of his supposed victims (I am only saying supposed since it was never verified in court, I believe these women, I am not trying to negate what happened to them.)

In 2015 Epstein was accused of putting Virginia Roberts in a situation that forced her to have sex with different members of his social circle, at which time she was only 16 years old. A judge blocked this claim which I will never understand.

In 2019, the topic of victims not being notified of the 2008 plea deal that Epstein took comes into play once again. A judge ruled that Alexander Acosta violated Crime Victims’ Rights Act. Generally, the victims of the crimes get to know that their assailant is going to enter a plea deal before it happens. It took 11 years for these victims to get their rights reinstated.

On July 6, 2019 Epstein was arrested in an airport in New Jersey by the FBI crimes against children task force. Finally, he was charged with sexual abuse and trafficking charges. It was later stated that Epstein’s Upper East Side townhouse held child pornography and for this reason they were able to move forward with the arrest.

Epstein did appeal to have a bail of $100 million and then offered house arrest instead in New York. However, by the 18thof July this bail request was denied. The judge stated that Epstein was a threat to the public and a very large flight risk. Before he entered jail, he had taken 20 international flights in 18 months. So, it was unrealistic to assume he would stay in New York.

July 12, 2019 Alexander Acosta resigned his role as labor secretary because of the public rage against him due to his violation of the Crime Victims’ Rights Act.

July 23, 2019 is when Epstein was found injured in his jail cell. It was never released is his injuries were self-inflicted or inflicted by others. His injuries were to his neck. Due to his official cause of death that was suicide it would make sense to assume that it was self-inflicted injuries. However, those in prison do not take nicely to those who are there for crimes against children so it is just as plausible that it was inflicted by another inmate at the jail. His cellmate was accused of hurting him but was later cleared of any wrongdoing.

Many believe that this incident was staged by Epstein in order to be transferred. After this incident happened he was put on suicide watch. This meant he was in an observational cell that had windows all the way around it, lights were always on, and there was nothing inside that he could use to hurt himself.

Six days later Epstein was taken off of suicide watch because psychologists cleared him. After this he was moved to SHU where he should’ve had a cell mate and was supposed to be checked on every 30 minutes which obviously did not happen.

Between the time of his injuries and his death he gave funds to other prisoners to try and get protection against those who wanted to hurt him in jail.

Only two days before his death, August 8th, he created his will with two of his lawyers. It seems very odd that just days before his supposed suicide he created his will. However, it is plausible to think that he wanted to get it figured out before he chose to end his life. It also seems like a large coincidence when you look at a lot of the evidence.

On August 9th Epstein’s cell mate was moved from their cell and no new one was brought in. He also talked to his lawyers this night and he seems upbeat. That night the guards did not do their official count at 10p.m. like they were supposed to. The last time they checked on Epstein was at 10:30pm. They did not come back at all the rest of the night, clearly violating the checking on him every 30 minutes.

It would later be found out that the cameras outside Epstein’s cell malfunctioned that night and a third had very unstable footage so it was not able to really be viewed.

August 10th of 2019 was the day that Epstein was found dead by supposed hanging in his jail cell. Guards found him at 6:30a.m. unresponsive and in supposed cardiac arrest. He had a bedsheet around his neck. Guards did try to save him with CPR but he was pronounced dead only 9 minutes later. It is stated that he probably died more around 4:30 a.m. just that no one found his body for two hours.

The news about his death was posted on 4chan almost 40 minutes before the news went live with it. It is thought that this info got out through a first responder which violates privacy law.

The finding of the body is what started all of the controversy in the case. The removal of his body was not done correctly. There was never any preservation of the scene or evidence. His body was not photographed as it was found either, making it far easier for someone to stage the scene. The BOP states that suicide cases in prisons should have the “same level of protection as any crime scene in which a death has occurred.” It was not at all.

On August 11, a four-hour autopsy took place by Barbara Sampson and another pathologist observed. Barbara Sampson reported that Epstein had hung himself with a sheet. Other prisoners at MCC stated that the sheets were paper thin and they would not be strong enough to hang someone to death. Also, the last suicide at MCC was in 1998. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t have happened it just makes it that much more unlikely.

On August 14, it was anonymously reported that bones in Epstein’s neck were broken. This does tend to happen when elderly people commit suicide but Epstein was not elderly. It was also stated that it rarely happens in suicides and more often happens in homicide victims that died by strangulation.

Epstein’s lawyers were not happy with the cause of death found by Barbara Sampson and continued to investigate themselves. They would later state that his death was much more consistent with homicide and many people seem to agree with them on this aspect of the case.

On October 30th, the pathologist who worked for Epstein’s lawyers and observed the autopsy released a report that stated the injuries were more consistent with homicidal strangulation than suicide. There were two fractures on both sides of his larynx, and one fracture on the left hyoid bone. The breakage of the hyoid bone pointed towards strangulation from behind. He stated that when looking over one thousand hangings that happened in jail, no one but Epstein had three fractures. Epstein had hemorrhages in both eyes which can be seen in hangings but is much more often seen in strangulation.

He also stated that the neck wound that was supposedly consistent with hanging was in the middle of the neck not under the mandible as many hanging injuries typically are. The middle of the neck injuries seems to be more consistent with strangulation with a cord or something like that. One thing that struck me the most in this document was that the pathologist stated there was blood on Epstein’s neck, and that is visible in the post mortem photos that are available online, however, on the sheet there was an absence of blood. If the sheet wasn’t the thing to cause the blood, since otherwise it would have to have blood on it, then what did cause the blood and why was the sheet there at all?

In the autopsy report it is stated that there were contusions on both of Epstein’s wrists which would be consistent with being handcuffed. There was an abrasion on his left forearm and deep muscle hemorrhaging on his left shoulder. This points towards a struggle where his hands were confined together. Another thing that really resonated with me is that apparently, Epstein’s legs lacked lividity. Lividity is pooling of the blood in the body after death. If you die in an upright position then the blood is going to pool in the lower legs. And although Epstein died supposedly in an upright position this lividity was missing. Maybe not enough time had passed for lividity to set in which could be a deciding factor, but it is unknown just how long Epstein was supposedly dead before the guards found him.

Now that we have gone over all the facts of the case we can get into the more interesting part of the conspiracies. There are many so I am only going to discuss four main ones.

The first one is of course the idea that he did really commit suicide. Obviously, this is the official ruling and what the guards stated happened would line up with this theory. However, the injuries that were present were not solely consistent with suicide by hanging. What does support this? Well, Epstein was looking at a long time in prison, rating out all of his friends, losing a lot of money, and so on. So, it isn’t crazy to think that he committed suicide to get out of dealing with all of that and being put in the public spotlight in a negative way. The fact that he also signed his will two days before his alleged suicide points towards suicide as well. If he knew what he was planning then it would make sense to get his will in place before hand. In the other theories, it seems very coincidental that he got his will in place just two days before his death.

The next theory is that the guards did something. In which case, many people believe that they were hired to do something. It is still unclear how Epstein got startup money for any of his businesses. This has caused people to speculate that he had some type of blackmail on some very powerful people. Most likely them having sex with underage girls. Since he was now in prison it is safe to assume he was going to say whatever possible to lessen his sentence and this includes telling about this blackmail. To back this up is the fact that no one in New York really knew anyone that worked for Epstein. Someone told the New York Times, ‘Not one institutional trading desk, primary or secondary, had ever traded with Epstein’s firm.’ It is not known who Epstein’s clients really were or how he made any money through his businesses.

Guards killing Epstein would line up with the fact that somehow the camera’s outside his cell malfunctioned only on the night he was killed. It would also line up with the idea of handcuffs being on Epstein due to the injuries on his wrists and in his shoulder when he was found dead. Other than his wrists being bound there is little to no explanation of how these injuries occurred. The absence of blood on the sheet that supposedly hung him would line up with this theory as well. If he was killed with something else then the blood could’ve dried before the sheet was placed around his neck. This would also make sense why his cellmate was moved and another one was not brought back in before his death.

A sub theory of the last one is that the Clinton’s had Epstein killed due to them being involved in his pedophilic ways. It is no secret that the Clintons somehow have power far beyond what they should. Their foundation somehow has a ton of money going in and out, some with little to no record. Many believe that there is a trail following the Clinton’s, a trail of death that is too coincidental to actually be a coincidence. Murder for hire is a thing that exists and if someone was going to hire a murderer then why couldn’t it be a couple with a very powerful spot in our society?

The last theory is that some of those in the jail where either hired to kill Epstein or killed him on their own accord. From the July incident when Epstein had injuries to his neck he claimed that his cellmate did it to him. Although his cellmate was later cleared that doesn’t mean a prisoner couldn’t have hurt him. Like I said, those in prison do not take kindly to those who commit crimes against children. Therefore, I don’t think it is that crazy to assume that his fellow prisoners got into his cell and killed him that night.

If the guards were not checking like they were supposed to and didn’t do the 10pm count then it wouldn’t have been that difficult for some of them to sneak out of their cells and into his. This would line up with a lot of evidence that went with the guard theory as well. In which case Epstein’s cellmate being moved out could’ve been a coincidence if the prisoners killed him on their own accord, same with the cameras malfunctioning, simply a happy accident for them. However, if they were asked to kill Epstein then these things probably would’ve been planned.

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