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Day 20: Are we living in a Simulation?

You think you’re listening to this podcast, you think you are understanding what I am saying, but in reality you are actually a brain in a vat somewhere that is just being given electrical impulses by a computer that is portraying your realities.

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This opens the doors to the idea of the world not being what we think it is. This gives the idea that we have no body, we are actually not doing anything we think we are. Instead we are given falsified information in the form of electrical impulses that go to our brain and make us think we are doing things.

Now just looking around, feeling things, tasting things, smelling things, etc. it may seem insane that this could be happening. However, we would not know the difference. If you have been a brain in a vat your entire ‘life’ then you know nothing else so what are you to compare it to?

Even if you were real for a time being and then switched to a brain in a vat you wouldn’t know the difference. That is because the electrical impulses being fed to your brain in the vat would be the same that the outside world use to give you.

This establishes that you do exist, you don’t know if you exist in a vat or if you are truly a human or if you are in a video game, but you exist somewhere. This is the only thing that cannot be doubted because by doubting it you are proving it true.

This also means that you don’t know what else exists. Your mom or dad or sibling or dog might not exist, you have no idea. You don’t know if the world even exists, you only know that you exist. That is a terrifying thought in itself.

So from here we are kind of looking at two theories.

1) Am I in a Matrix like situation where my brain is the only part of me that exists and is just in a simulation?

2) Or am I a series of 1 s and 0 s on a computer?

Either way we would not know. Either the transition would be seamless enough to where we don’t normally notice it. Or we have been in this simulation our entire lives.

Either way here are some main points that people have that go along with this theory that we are all in a simulation.

First we go back to the idea of the Mandela effect. This is classified as mass misremembering. This shows itself when people remember things one way but they are actually not that way, and generally tons of people have the same memory that is wrong. Often these are very small things such as things being spelled different, a dash in some words, etc. However, there are some larger ones such as certain people dying when they really hadn’t or even the statue of liberty being in a totally different place than people remember.

This can be explained as power of suggestion if you really try. However, many people are adamant that they are not misremembering or falsely agreeing so take that as you will. I, myself have even gotten fooled by these and really remember things differently but I don’t know what to think of it in the end.

Others explain this by switching universes. If ours got destroyed then we may have opened a vail to another dimension or if something happened we were all transferred into a simulation by someone or something.

Another way is that the programmer of the simulation or the computer that we are in changed a few things which would be easy enough.

Secondly, In recent years things have seemed to move faster. I was just thinking about a vacation that seemed like it happened in spring but it actually happened last spring. Many people have been stating that things have seemed faster, whether it be school, days, work, years, holidays, etc. I happen to agree with this but my sense of time tends to go back and forth. Sometimes things are fast, sometimes slow and it is just confusing.

Is this because we are in a game essentially that is being sped up? Or does it have to do with CERN, a particle processor that has been trying to work with black holes. If this happened to create a black hole we may no longer be in the world or universe we once were in. If we are in a black hole time could also move faster because in all honesty we have no idea how black holes work or what is inside of them.

Here is one that really does get to me. Nick Bostrom’s simulation hypothesis. This goes all the way into us being not just a brain in a vat but being a computer program. Essentially we would be a video game in this theory. So this hypothesis states that if humanity can be around long enough to create a technology that is so close to what we perceive of reality then it will create many of these simulations but only one will be real. This makes the probability that we live in a simulation far more probable than us not being in one.

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