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Day 13: Mt. Everest Bodies

Day 11 was missed but the episode will be added in later this month. Yesturday I went over the murder of Debra Ann Wolfe once again as it was the first case I did, over a year ago, and I believed it needed to be recognized again. Today I went over the 1996 disaster on Mt.Everest as well as the ethical dillema of the bodies that are left on the mountain.

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Mt. Everest is the highest peak in the world at just over 29,000 feet high. People spend upwards of $60,000 to climb it. This is due to equipment needed, permits needed, a guide, and so on. However, there are many people that never make it off the mountain. Not only do they not make it off the mountain alive but many bodies never make their way off the mountain.

In May of 1996 the deadliest day Mt.Everest has ever seen happened. There were four expeditions going to the peak that day and 8 people died on the top of the mountain. This made that climbing season the third deadliest in history to this day.

Many people have an ethical dillema when it comes to the idea of leaving bodies on the mountain. Some people believe that leaving the bodies is not okay but others bring up the fact that Sherpa's are the ones that have to go up to get these bodies and thus risk their lives. So then the dillema comes between whether we should allow anyone to climb the mountain or not.

I discuss it more in the episode but my stance is simply that people should be able to climb the mountain because making it illegal will not stop people from climbing the mountain. I think that before going on the climb everyone should sign something stating that they know how dangerous it is and accept it. And if they die they do not expect anyone to come and retrieve their body.

This is one of the most well known bodies on the mountain. This is known as green boots. He died in the 1996 disaster when he stopped off in a cave to rest for a minute. He ended up staying there for far too long and died of exposure.

This is the body of one of the first people to try and climb to the peak of Everest in 1924. It is unknown if he ever got to the peak but he is thought to have died from a fall or head trauma.

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