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Public Apology

Updated: Feb 14

In 2019 I interviewed Michele Barton, the mother of Tanner Barton, on my podcast. This interview was about her son's case which was already legally closed, and labeled an accident. Upon learning about her case I thought she deserved to be heard out since many cases that are legally closed are closed wrongly and without justice. Therefore, I spoke to her, interviewed her, and published it.

In order to get this episode out within a good timeframe I did not have the weeks to research like I normally do for my episodes. This was a mistake on my part, I should've pushed the episode to a later date so that I could've taken my time researching. In addition to this, I am not trying to push the blame off myself, just explaining what took place, but I was assured by another person in my career field that Michele's story lined up with the facts and was legit. Taking this in good faith I went ahead and interviewed Michele taking her narrative as true, which it was not.

In this two part podcast we talked about her son as a person and her grief, both of which I am not denying at this point and I am sure no one else is either. She did lose a son who was very important to her and who was very important to many people. However, it does not excuse the false claims and accusations that were made within my podcast and others like it.

The following people were mentioned and defamed by Michele either in my episode or others: Leigh Egan, Tricia Griffin, Levi Page, Sheryl McCollum, Dr. Laura Pettler, Board of the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute (CCIRI), WebSleuths, Laura Pettler &Associates (LPA) and Jeff Lindskogg.

Further more, I did not contact any of these people to get their side of the story as I lead a victim first narrative but I now see the problem in not at least consulting with both sides. In most other cases I cover the other side is unknown, hence me only covering unsolved cases, which means I cannot consult them but I also cannot defame them in anyway since there is no name applied. If there is a name applied in cases it is always 'alleged' or it is always a theory. However, in this case Michele stated these things as fact.

I want to sincerely apologize to all of the above affected people and provide some real facts on the case which go against Michele's narrative.

  • Tanner Barton was found to have been taking adderall without a prescription. At the time of his death and on first investigation authorities were not aware of this.

  • Tanner Barton had an enlarged heart (over 200g over normal size), which along with the adderall use was thought to be a large factor in his sudden death.

  • Tanner Barton was found to be "morbidly obese with a short neck" by multiple coroners. In my episode Michele phrases it as if only one coroner found this and so it is not true.

  • Dr. Pettler obtained a PhD from an accredited institution and never diagnosed Michele with anything.

  • In October of 2018 Petitioner Sheryl McCollum filed stalking charges against Barton in Fulton County, GA. These charges alleged that Michele was stalking McCollum, Dr. Pettler, and Leigh Egan.

  • In April of 2018 it was found that ketamine had been tested for and not found during the autopsy and that Michele knew this.

  • 911 was called before Todd Cooney was upon someone finding Tanner.

  • No one planted evidence in Tanner's case

  • No one has been making accounts to harass Michele.

  • All work on the Tanner Barton case done by Dr. Laura Pettler, Sheryl McCollum, Tricia Griffin, Leigh Egan, CCIRI and LPA was pro bono

There are more facts in this case that go against Michele's narrative and I linked two great posts with facts in the bullet points above. In 2021 alone 6 other podcasts, plus myself, have taken down our episodes dealing with the Barton case. We have all done this of our own accord due to finding out the real facts of the case.

As of now I have initiated the deletion of my two episode on Tanner Barton. They should be deleted from all platforms within the next few days. I have also taken down all social media posts, to my knowledge, dealing with this case.

Here is a list of other's who have since realized the truth in this case:

  • Crime & Scandal

  • Websleuths

  • Nancy Grace

  • CrimeOnline

  • OzTeam

  • Minds of Madness

  • Crawlspace

  • Deep Dark Truth

  • True Crime Stories

  • Catch My Killer

  • The One and Oney

  • Behind the Yellow Tape

  • Defenders VII

From now on there will be a form anyone must complete to be a guest on my podcast. This form will follow Dr.Pettler's advice on her post and will include all info about the guest and case, have to have two to three references, and guest's will have to sign an agreement stating they will not defame any living person and will not knowingly negate facts.

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