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Day 6: Severed Feet in Canada

Updated: Oct 8

Feet are washing up on Canadian shores in larger amounts than ever before. Is there a serial killer ramping up or just more suicides recently? No one really knows and no theory really explains everything.

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Canada is not the only place where severed feet are washing up in shoes, however, it is happening far more here than anywhere else. Before 2007 there are two instances of severed feet washing up, one in 1887 and one in 1914. However, in just the last 13 years there have been 21 discovered feet on Canadian Shores.

The only place this has been happening in are the shores of the Salish Sea. The feet also had to have come from the Salish Sea. This is because the top current only goes out from land preventing anything being brought in from the ocean.

Almost always these feet are from males, in running shoes, and are almost always right feet. If they are left feet they always match to a previously found right foot which just makes this all the more odd.

People generally theorize that maybe the shape of the right shoe is why it is more often found than the left shoe. The shape creates a rotating clockwise motion rather than the left feet that apparently go counterclockwise. Apparently, this may be able to decide if the shoes make it to shore or not but there is not much scientific data to back this up.

Here is the record of discovery from Wikipedia:

There are so many theories going around this phenomenon. They range from accidental deaths to serial killers, to suicides. Yet, none of them completely explain the entire phenomenon.

One insane theory was that people were not being killed or accidentally dying, there were just a lot of freak accidents where their feet have fallen off. This obviously has no substance to it as there would be hospital records and reports of this happening. However, this was the only soft theory, the rest are much darker.

Suicide is something that happens. People jump of bridges, drown themselves, and more. One of these feet was confirmed to be from a Pattulo Bridge Suicide, the woman's family confirmed it. Another one of these feet was confirmed to be from a depressed man that likely committed suicide. However, some of the other ones the families have stated there was no way their loved one would've committed suicide. So that theory does not explain everything.

Another intense theory is that there is a serial killer that is responsible for these people's feet. Since most of the feet are men's feet people have theorized that it is a victim type of a serial killer, which cannot be totally negated. People also theorize that leaving the right foot in the Salish Sea is the signature of this serial killer.

The only thing going against the signature theory is that scientists have stated that there is natural disconnection at the ankle. When bodies decompose they often split at the joints as it is easier. Since the foot was still in the shoe that would preserve it far longer than the rest of the body.

However, if this killer threw in an entire leg or body and only had shoes on it then the rest of the body would decompose, just leaving the foot that was naturally disconnected. Or, it is possible that the killer made it look like a natural disconnection when it was actually not.

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