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The Disappearance of Hatice Corbacioglu

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

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This beautiful woman in the picture above is Hatice Corbacioglu. I discovered her case through an episode of ‘Disappeared’ on ID Discovery, and it is a very sad case. It seems to have a logical conclusion and perpetrator but there has never been evidence to back the case up, therefore it remains unsolved.

Hatice Corbacioglu came to Toronto, Canada with her family from Turkey. They loved it there and seemed to be very close kniw. Hatice had not had the best of luck with relationships in the past, being married and divorced twice, but she never gave up trying. Family and friends describe her as very independant but kind and caring about those she was close to. That kind and caring nature may have been what caused her tragic demise.

Hatice had found a new boyfriend, Riza Cosa, whom she was getting along greatly with! At least that is how it seemed to family and friends when she talked about the relationship. Riza lived in New York so it is unclear if Hatice’s family ever physically met him. In June of 2009 she even planned to go back to Turkey in order to meet her boyfriends family, as they were hoping to get married soon. However, June 13, 2009 was the last anyone heard from her or saw her again.

Riza, her boyfriend at the time did end up calling Hatice’s family stating that she had gone to Turkey to meet his family. But why wasn’t he with her? Well his explination was simply he could not fly to Turkey. That got me wondering what exactly that meant. Did he have work? Was he on a do not fly list? Did he not get along with his family? There are a million different reasons why this could be but I think that is the question everyone should’ve asked right away.

Anyways, Hatice’s family accepted this answer and let it be for a while. They trusted Riza due to Hatice trusting him and they knew Hatice could handle herself. They went with the idea that she was safe and sound in Turkey meeting her soon to be family. It was all very exciting for them since they hoped Hatice had finally found her person that she would spend the rest of her life with. That is what could have made Hatice blind to some signs over her relationship with Riza. 

A while later, once Hatice’s family had started wondering where she was now, Riza changed his story. It was unclear to me whether he said they both went to Turkey or if she just did but what was clear was what happened when she got back. Riza told her family that she broke off the engagement as soon as they or she got back to New York for reasons unkown.

Well this casued the family to worry that they hadn’t seen her in a while and they decided to report her as a missing person. After this they got some unsettling news about Riza Cosa…he was married already. And on top of that…his wife was missing. Winsome Perez was the name of Riza’s wife and her disappearance happened at the same time as Hatice’s did. This was cause to look into the man more and his tendencies.

It turns out Riza Cosa was not the nice man that Hatice’s family had originally thought. He had anger issues, got very jelous, and was frequently violent. Hatice’s friend even stated that Riza had ‘punished’ her one time by tying her hands together and putting a bag over her head. This man was not one to be tested and unfortunetly it seems that his wife and Hatice found this out the hard way.

Hatice’s missing car was found inside the JFK airport parking structure four months after the missing persons report. Because of this there was no video footage that police could use for the case. They found the car fairly normal but did find blood in the trunk and drivers seat. There were never any tests done on this blood which enrages me. I think that every piece of DNA evidence should be tested since it is the most factual kind of evidence.

In 2010 Winsome Perez’s body was found wrapped up tightly at a worksite where Riza use to work. This caused the police to search for him internationally. They were certain he was behind this and could tell them where to find Hatice as well. However, they never got to see him alive again. He jumped from a building in a successful suicide attempt. His note stated something about ‘loving a girl from Canada.’

Since Riza was found with his ID and his family identified him the case was over and done. However, Hatice’s family believes that was him faking his own death…I do not think police will ever investage this claim. Many people on sluthing forums believe that this could have been the case. It is easy enough to give someone your ID and proceed to push them off. Since the family identification is the only real identification the police have that means it could’ve easily been faked to keep him safe.

It is safe to assume that Hatice had her life ended tragically but the closure of a body would help the family greatly.

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