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The Murder of Missy Bevers

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

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Missy Bevers was born on August 9,1970 in Graham Texas. At the age of 28 she married her sweetheart Brandon Bevers and eventually they had three wonderful children. Missy was loved in the community and was a great wife and mother by many accounts. She even taught a fitness class at her local Creekside Church. However, teaching this class is how she would be murdered on April 18, 2016.

Although to many it looked like Missy and Brandon had a wonderful marriage it seems Missy had been somewhat cheating on her husband through contacts in LinkedIn. In January of 2016 flirtatious messages started between her and another user. LinkedIn proved to be a large part in this case since it gave the idea of another lover as well as info about a creepy message that Missy received on April 15, just three days before she was murdered.

On April 17th Missy’s husband landed in Biloxi, MS around 7:30p.m. giving him an iron clad alibi for what was going to happen the next day. At 7:55p.m. Missy posted to Facebook about the location of the next mornings class and some motivation to those attending. Around 9:23p.m. she decided to go to bed, posting on Facebook that she had to be up at 3:30a.m.

On April 18th surveillance footage from inside the church shows the suspect, dressed in a full SWAT uniform and carrying a hammer (part way through the video, he did not have it on him the entire time it seems) entering at around 3:50a.m. At 4:16 Missy’s car arrives at the church parking lot and at 4:20a.m. she enters the church unknowing of the horror waiting inside. It is unknown what time the murder occurred exactly but by 5a.m. class participants had gotten there and called 911.

The suspect you can see video clips of above was noted to have a very weird gait and this gait may be able to identify the suspect. I would suggest watching this video. You might be able to see something that I did not see or others did not see. Fresh eyes are always appreciated. In the video you can also see that he is kind of trying to make it look like a robbery gone wrong. I say this because robberies are normally more fast paced and robbers actually take stuff. The suspect looks as if they are just killing time and smashing stuff when they feel like it. Was it all a set up to make Missy’s murder look like a robbery gone wrong? This is one theory that whoever did this was staging a robbery to deflect suspicion. There are others who believe this actually was a robbery gone wrong. Those people say that since ti was so early the robber did not need to hurry, they could take their time. However, after reviewing other theories and information I am inclined to believe this to be false.

Missy’s husband, Brandon, strongly believes that the suspect is a woman who wore layers and the SWAT gear in order to fully disguise herself. He also believes that it was a woman close to either himself or Missy. Why he believes this is unclear. Many have stated that this could also explain the odd walking gait. If the shoes where too big for this woman then it would most likely cause her to walk like that. If this was the case then could it be the wife of someone Missy was cheating with? Or an enemy Missy was unaware she had? This theory does not seem as plausible to me due to the strength the perp had to have in order to kill Missy.

The theory I resonate with the most is that the father in law killed Missy. The motive could have been that he was trying to protect his son from heartbreak and being cheated on. Or the father in law could have had his own tiff with Missy at the time, that is unclear. What is clear is that the father in law has the exact same posture, build, and gait as the suspect in the video. Here is a video with the father in law and the video footage side by side. Please go watch that and compare, it is eerily similar. This is a theory that many people in forums agree with due to the video, which is the largest piece of evidence in this case. However, the father in law still states his innocence.

The idea of the person knowing Missy is strongly regarded because from the video it does not seem like a random break in. It seems as if this suspect was biding time until Missy got there, Missy was the target all along. If this person knew Missy well then it would explain how they knew her schedule and where she would be. There has always been the idea that Brandon, Missy’s husband was in on the murder and let the killer, whoever that be, know where Missy would be and when. This gives the husband a very sinister side that many believe could have come out due to her cheating.

If you know anything more please come forward as this is still an open investigation. There have been no leads in this murder and it is hard to investigate with no new evidence, all the family can hope for is that someone who knows something will come forward. Help us bring justice to Missy Bevers by sharing, commenting, or coming forward. Thank you for reading out post today and we will see you again Thursday at 5pm central time.

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